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Plush Macaron Squeaky Dog Toy

Plush Macaron Squeaky Dog Toy

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Upgrade your dog’s toy collection with this adorable, must-have box of multiple Plush Macaron Toys that are perfect for the pampered-pup lifestyle!

- Fun and Adorable Design: Comes in a cute box of 3 or 6 adorable plush macaron toys that are perfect for fetching, snuggling, and playing.

- Ultra Soft Recycled Material: Made from hypoallergenic and incredibly soft, high-quality recycled materials.

- Tons of Fun: Each plush macaron contains a built-in squeaker protected by a layer of fabric to create endless hours of enjoyment!

- Unique and Fun Gift: These funny macaron pet toys are the perfect gift for any dog lover or dog birthday/puppy party.

WANT MORE FUN? Get your dog(s) our matching dog macaron treats, click for our 6-pack or bundles.

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